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Georgetown Commercial Window Cleaning

Pruett Window Care provides the cleanest, most reliable commercial window cleaning services in Georgetown. We offer exterior and interior window cleaning for all types of businesses, including shops, restaurants, offices, banks, and more. Our cleaning is done by hand and offers superb results. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your business needs. We can clean whenever it’s convenient for you. Contact Pruett Window Care today for a free custom quote. We’re your partner for beautiful windows!

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How We Clean Commercial Windows2020-11-04T16:11:38+00:00

We always start with our tools. We use top-notch equipment and solutions to get your windows looking just right. We store our tools properly, making sure they do not get bent, worn, or dirty while in storage. We clean our sponges, rags, and mops after every use and replace them when they become too worn. We keep our squeegee blades sharp to get every drop of moisture off of your windows after we scrub them. We replace tools and supplies when they need to be replaced.

When we begin, we make sure to put on our personal protective gear. These are gloves, masks, and goggles to protect our vulnerable parts while cleaning. Next, we start on the dry cleaning. This is when we remove caked-on dirt, pollen, and debris from the windows before we ever get them wet. When the dry cleaning is all done, then we prepare our liquid solution. We use cold water because this makes the drying time longer and reduces the risk of leaving nasty streaks on the windows. Now we will use our window mops and sponges to scrub the windows thoroughly, paying attention to corners and harder-to-reach spots. Next comes the squeegee. We use sharp blades to clear the glass of every drop of water before we are done. Last,  we use our lint-free rags to clean up any drips or spills that may have occurred during the cleaning process. When we are all done you have great-looking windows.

How to Prepare For Our Commercial Window Cleaning2020-11-04T16:07:50+00:00

There are some things you should do and some precautions you should take to prepare for our visit before we get there. Make sure that the exterior of your building is free from any blockages such as displays and signs.  Be conscientious when clearing debris, rocks, sticks, or other materials from the areas where we will be working so that they don’t present a hazard to the crew. If you plan on having a power wash done on your exterior around the same time, you should have it done before our window cleaning appointment. Splashes of water leave unsightly spots on the glass that will not go away until you wash again.

There are preparations to be done on the inside as well. Be sure to move all tables, lamps, chairs, and displays away from the windows before we get there. This way the crew won’t have to do it and the job will go faster. Disarm any alarms that you have that are connected to the windows in any way so that we don’t alert any security companies or cause any issues by setting off the alarms. Make sure the floors around and underneath the windows are free from hazards such as electrical cords or other items that may get in the way. Have any overhead cleaning or dusting done before we come to clean your windows, otherwise, when it does get done, dust or dirt falling from above may collect on your windows and ruin the shine.

Hire a Company That Respects Your Business2020-11-04T16:07:32+00:00

We know what it is like to own and run a business. It can be a difficult job, but well worth it. We respect your business as we respect ours, and it shows in the way we work.  From start to finish, we are careful not to deal any sort of damage to your exterior or interior with our ladders, solutions, or any other equipment. We are trained to avoid accidents. Safety and preservation of your property are our focus while we work on your windows. We follow company protocols and precautions while we do our job so that you get outstanding results without any damage to your property or assets.

We know that your time is valuable just as ours is. We respect your time by honing our skills and perfecting our processes so that we can get the job done as quickly as possible without cutting any corners. We do not rush, but we are skilled in efficiency, which makes our work go by faster. We work smarter, not longer to make your windows perfect every time.  We try to make every visit a pleasant one, without disrupting the daily tasks or activities that go on in your business. We’re in and out, and it’s business as usual, almost as if we were never there. We believe that to get respect you must show respect and we want our relationship with you and your business to be mutual. We go the extra mile to show you we’re sincere.

Why Choose Pruett Window Care For Your Georgetown Business2020-11-04T16:06:32+00:00

Running a business in Georgetown means that everything you do has to be done just right. From your customer service to your immaculate floors, you work hard to make it so. You want to attract customers or clients, but how do you do that? There are many ways you know of already, but one way you may not have known is by having a sparkling exterior with bright, shining windows. These windows let the customers peek into your business world and see what it is like before they ever enter the building. When your windows are nice and clean, this peek inside is more welcoming, more attractive, and more soothing to the nerves.

When people walk by your business you want them to stop in and check things out. Dirty windows say, “Go away, we don’t care about your business here”. When your windows are clean they let the light flow in naturally, adding to the welcoming atmosphere you have created. Pruett Window Care can ensure that your windows are sparkling clean, and help you send the right messages about your business to prospective clients and customers. We have the skills and knowledge to leave your windows with a perfect shine every time you call us. This is because we have developed our methods with your best interests in mind, and each of our professional crew members has been properly trained in our specialized processes and procedures.