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Georgetown Residential Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning makes your windows sparkle like never before. Our specialized cleaning methods and products remove layers of dirt, grime and hard water buildup that normal cleaning can’t achieve. With our professional cleaning you are guaranteed the best results every time! 

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Before & After Photos

Check out these before and after photos from our residential window cleaning services. Notice the dirt and debris that builds up over time. Regularly scheduled window cleaning keep your windows crystal clear. We take pride in transforming dirty windows into crystal clear views for you to enjoy! Contact us today and see how clean your windows can be.

Austin house window beforeAustin house window after

Georgetown Residential Window Cleaning Facts

How we Clean Residential Windows2020-11-04T17:08:30+00:00

We always have your best interest in mind while working on your windows. We have developed our process and technique around this consideration. Every window cleaning professional we employ has been through proper and thorough training on our procedures and techniques so that you get a consistent finish every time. We invest in high-quality tools and supplies in order to get a streak-free, spotless shine. We use window mops, sponges, lint-free rags, and other supplies to get every aspect of the job done properly. We replace our tools and supplies as they wear out so that we get optimal results. We care for our tools properly. We don’t allow them to get damaged or dirty while they are stored.

Before we start to clean your windows, we use our protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and masks. Dry cleaning comes first. This is where we use dry bristle brushes to remove caked-on dirt and debris from your windows before we ever get them wet. Then we get the cleaning solution ready in our buckets. We wash your windows with cool water so that it doesn’t dry too fast and leave streaks. We scrub and squeegee the windows and then use our rags to clean up any spills or drips. Then we are all finished and you have a beautiful window with a brand-new shine.

How to Prepare for Our Window Cleaning2020-11-04T17:08:13+00:00

There are ways for you to prepare for our cleaning crew to come in and work on your windows. Doing these things will make the process faster and easier for you and for us as well. Clear the areas around and directly below your windows so that our ladders can stand straight and we don’t trip on anything. Make sure the area is clear of toys, sticks, rocks, and any other type of material that could hamper the job. These items are hazardous to work around and decreasing the risk will increase our efficiency. You should place your pets either in a room with a closed door or a kennel. This way, they won’t get defensive or afraid and they can’t attack the workers. This reduces liability and increases your pet’s sense of security while we are in your home.

Take down the decorations that are on your windows and make sure the blinds, shades, or curtains are opened for us. Turn off your alarm systems so that we don’t set them off needlessly. If you have any overhead dusting to do, say on the ceiling fans or in the corners, do it before we get there. If you wait until after we are done, the dust may collect on your windows and ruin the new shine. If you powerwash your exterior regularly, make sure to do it before the day that we come to clean your windows. Water splashes on the glass leave unsightly spots. Be sure to schedule an appointment for a time when your sprinklers are not going to be on, or simply turn them off for the time when we are there.

Hire a Company That Respects Your Property2020-11-04T17:02:34+00:00

You work hard to create the look and feel of your home and outdoor living space. You want it to be just right and to stay that way. We understand and respect that. We respect your property too. When you have people working on the exterior or interior of your home, it is difficult to feel safe and comfortable if they are stomping around stepping on things and leaving tracks behind them. We make sure to be careful and tread lightly so that we don’t ruin anything on your property. We won’t bump into your siding or walls with our ladders. We won’t spill our cleaners everywhere and we won’t leave a mess for you to clean up. We won’t tear up your grass or flower beds while working outside. We don’t rush our jobs, so we are not just bustling about blindly running into things. You can rest assured that we will do everything we can to stay out of your way so that life can proceed as normal while we are there. We take extra care to not damage your window treatments in any way. Curtains, blinds, and shutters will all stay intact when we are working on your windows. We treat your home and your space the same as we would want ours to be treated. We respect your privacy and your time. We value your loyalty and it shows in the way we work.

Why Choose Pruett Window Care for Your Georgetown Windows?2020-11-04T17:02:19+00:00

The windows of your home are expressive. They allow the onlooker to imagine the story of your family; what goes on inside your home and out. Your home’s curb appeal and resale value increase when you have bright, clean windows. Over time, your windows collect dust and pollen, dirt, and debris. The grime builds up and if it stays that way, it can lead to damage for your windows. They need to be cleaned regularly, but it may not be possible or practical for you to do it yourself. The windows on the upper floors are especially hard to clean and it can be a dangerous job. It is difficult to carry a bunch of cleaning supplies up a ladder to reach your windows. So you need to call in a trustworthy professional to get the job done.

Save your time and energy by hiring Pruett Window Care to do the job for you. We never cut corners and we always take pride in our work. We keep our reputation as clean as the windows we care for. We have the knowledge and skills to get the job done right. We also have the techniques to ensure a thorough and efficient process. Your windows will sparkle and add to the welcoming atmosphere in your home after we are done with them. We bring our own top-notch supplies with us. Let the light into your home by choosing Pruett Window Care for your Georgetown home.