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Liberty Hill Residential Window Cleaning

Having your windows cleaned by the professionals at Pruett Window Care is an investment in your home. Taking proper care of your windows is an important part of maintaining your home’s appearance and value for years to come. Regularly scheduled window cleaning goes a long way toward achieving this. Your windows are constantly exposed to dirt, insects, pollen, tree droppings, fingerprints, animal noses and paws, and hard water. It builds up quickly and gets baked on by the hot Texas sun. Pruett Window Care has the expertise and equipment to remove the debris and make your windows shine! This is why so many Liberty Hill homeowners trust us with their window cleaning. We’d love to partner with you to keep your home looking amazing for many years to come. 
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Liberty Hill Residential Window Cleaning Facts

How We Clean Residential Windows2020-11-04T17:11:26+00:00

We have developed our cleaning process with your best interests in mind. Each of our window cleaning professionals has been thoroughly trained in our techniques and procedures. In order to get a sparkling, streak-free shine, we invest in high-quality tools such as squeegees, buckets, scrapers, window mops and sponges, and lint-free rags. We also use other special equipment and safety gear. We care for and replace all of our tools as needed. Our squeegees have nice, sharp blades. If they become damaged or rounded with use, we change them so we can get every drop of moisture off of the windows before we are done. We store our equipment properly when it is not in use so that it does not become damaged, over-worn, or dirtied.

To start, we protect ourselves with gear such as gloves and goggles. Then we start to do ao dry cleaning. Cobwebs and loose dirt need to be removed from the windows before we ever get them wet. We do this by tackling these problem messes with a dry brush. Next, we prepare our cleaning solution and buckets. The water we use for washing is cool, especially on hot days, so that it doesn’t dry too fast and make streaks on the windows. After scrubbing and squeegeeing the window, we use our rags to clean up any water that spilled onto the sills or floor. When both sides are done you have a beautiful, new-looking window.

How to Prepare for Our Window Cleaning2020-11-04T17:11:10+00:00

There are some things you should do to prepare for our professionals to come through and clean your windows. Be sure that the areas directly below and around your windows are clear from debris. Large rocks and sticks can pose hazards to the cleaning crew, especially when the ladders come into play. Be sure that all of your outside toys are either put away or moved away from the house so they are not hazardous. If you have pets, place them in a kennel or a room without windows. Open your curtains and shades, and make sure there are no decorations hanging on the insides of the windows. Turn off any alarm system you may have so that we don’t set it off. Make sure to set up a time that doesn’t coincide with any lawn sprinkling or other yard care that may get in the way. Do any overhead dusting or ceiling fan cleaning before you get your windows done.

If you plan on doing your regular power-washing on your exterior any time around your window-washing appointment, consider doing it first. This way, when you wash your exterior, you won’t be spraying the newly-cleaned windows. You may also want to clean out your gutters beforehand, especially if you were planning to do it soon anyway. Any extra cleaning or services you are going to have done should be completed first, so the windows can come last to ensure the longest-lasting and best results.

Hire a Company that Respects Your Property2020-11-04T17:10:55+00:00

Homeownership is no small thing, and you work hard to keep both your house and your outdoor living space neat, cleaned, and beautifully maintained. When you have people working outside of or on the exterior of your home, there is a chance that something could go wrong and damage may occur. When you hire us to take care of your windows, you don’t have to worry about any of that. We respect your property and it shows in the way we work. Our window cleaners know you put a lot of care and effort into creating the look and feel of your space. We don’t rush the job, and we always take the time to look and see where we are going. We won’t be trampling your flowerbeds or banging into your siding with our ladders. We don’t deal damage to your gutters, walls, or window treatments. Shutters stay intact. Window panes are safe. We don’t knock things over while moving around your house. We won’t ravage your landscaping by tearing up your grass or kicking your gravel around. We won’t leave our mess on your lawn for you to deal with later. And don’t worry about us being in your way. We know that life continues with or without us being there. We always do our best not to interrupt the normal flow of things on or around your property. When we are all done, it will seem as if we were never here, except for the fresh sparkle on your glass.

Why Choose Pruett Window Care for Your LIberty Hill Windows?2020-11-04T17:10:38+00:00

The windows of your home say a lot about what kind of person and homeowner you are. They tell the story of what goes on inside and outside your home. They also contribute to your curb appeal. Over time, windows get grimy. Leaving them this way leads to damage and cracked windows, but it’s not always practical or possible to clean them yourself. Reaching all the windows in your home can be a difficult and dangerous job. It gets to be even more difficult and dangerous when you are hauling cleaning supplies up and down a ladder. When the time comes to clean your windows, where should you turn? You need someone you can trust to do a good job; someone who can offer all the benefits a window cleaning company should offer. You need a pro.

Choosing Pruett Window Care services will save you time, energy, and resources without cutting corners. We take pride in our work and our reputation. We have the skills, knowledge, and techniques to get even the toughest jobs done the right way. We bring our own top-of-the-line supplies, work efficiently, and leave your windows with a new shine every time. You want your windows to sparkle so that people feel more comfortable and welcome in your home, and so that the light flows in naturally. For the best results at the right price, hire the trained, experienced professionals at Pruett.