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Liberty Hill Commercial Window Cleaning

Pruett Window Care offers reliable window cleaning services for all types of business in Liberty Hill, TX. We provide service for business locations of many sizes – from restaurants to large shopping centers to small offices. We clean by hand and have the tools required to ensure your company’s windows are cleaned in a safe and efficient manner. We use professional-grade equipment to remove dirt, debris, paint, stickers, tape, and anything else that gets stuck on the glass. We work around your schedule so serve your customers uninterrupted. Call us today for a free quote! (737) 703-6600

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How we Clean Commercial Windows2020-11-04T17:10:03+00:00

We use grade-A tools and solutions to get your windows sparkling clean every time we visit. We take care when we store our tools, making sure they don’t get bent, worn, or dirty while they are in storage. We keep our squeegee blades sharp and new, our rags lint-free, and our sponges, brushes, and buckets clean.  We replace our tools when it is necessary if they become too worn or dirty. You can’t clean a window with a dirty sponge, that’s for sure. When we work we rely on safety precautions and protocols to reduce liability and risk of injury.

When the time comes to do the job, we start by putting on our personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, and goggles. These protect us from inhaling something hazardous or getting the cleaning solution in places where it shouldn’t be. Then we go in for the dry cleaning. This is when we use bristle brushes to remove any caked-on dirt or debris from the windows. It is important to do before we ever get the windows wet. Then we prepare our cleaning solution. We always use cool water when we clean, so that it doesn’t dry too fast and leave ugly streaks. Then we use our window mops and sponges to scrub every inch of the glass, being sure to pay attention to corners. Then we squeegee the window surfaces until every drop of water is gone. After we are done you have beautiful sparkly-clean windows.

How to Prepare For Our Commercial Window Cleaning2020-11-04T17:09:45+00:00

There are some things you can do to prepare for our visit before we get there. Doing these things will make the job smoother and faster. Disable any alarms that are attached to your windows so that we don’t set them off and cause an issue. Be sure that on the outside of your building, the areas we need access to are free from clutter and debris. Big rocks, sticks, displays, and other things pose hazards to the crew when they are working on ladders. If you have any overhead cleaning or dusting to do on the inside, have it done before we get there. Otherwise, when you do get around to it, the dust and dirt that falls from above may collect on your windows, ruining the new shine.

Open all of your curtains, blinds, or other window treatments so that we have full access to the glass. Make sure that if you are having someone power wash the outside of your building that they do it before we come for your window cleaning appointment. Water splashes leave unsightly spots on the glass. You may want to schedule your cleaning appointment for a time when your business space will be empty. Make sure that all clients and personnel are out of the building before we come in. This will help preserve the natural flow of your workday. Be sure to move any tables, chairs, lamps, or displays away from the windows before we come in.

Hire a Company That Respects Your Business2020-11-04T17:09:25+00:00

You take great pride in your business, just as we do with ours. You work hard to make sure every aspect is just right, from your customer service to your clean floors. We respect your need for cleanliness and good looks. We also realize that having people work on your building can disrupt the normal flow of things and we strive to not let that happen. We have developed our techniques to be efficient and thorough at the same time so that we are working smarter, not longer. We are always cautious and we look where we are going. We will not cause damage to your walls, displays, window treatments, or floors while we are working. We take care not to run into things. We are careful with your landscaping and won’t tear up your grass or stomp down your flowerbeds.

We know that time is money, especially when you are running a business. We respect your time and always do our best to make the most of it while keeping our job as brief as possible. We don’t cut corners, but we have the skills and ability to work efficiently, which makes us quicker without rushing the job. Our crews have all been through the same training so we deliver consistent results every time you let us work for you. There are no surprises-just stellar finishes. We respect your property just like we respect our own, and it shows in the way we work.

Why Choose Pruett Window Care For Your Liberty Hill Business2020-11-04T17:09:07+00:00

When you own a business in Liberty Hill, you want everything to be just right. You want to attract customers or clients. The way your windows look is a big part of drawing people in. When you have beautiful clean windows people feel like it is safe to approach. They can tell that you care about your presentation to the world and so you must care about their business too. Your windows allow the client a peek inside before they ever enter your building. This makes them feel more at ease with just walking in. People see your business as more transparent and open when you have windows that are clean and free from debris. They are happier already before they ever enter your business space.

Adding a sparkling shine to your commercial exterior will make the building more attractive overall. People may be able to see it from further away. The shine may act as a beacon for them, saying, “Come in, we will be honest with you and treat you right”. A clean exterior is more inviting than a grimy one. Pruett Window Care will completely clean and shine your windows inside and out so that these things can happen and these messages can be sent. We have the experience and know-how to get the job done thoroughly and efficiently. All of our professionals are properly trained to handle the job correctly.